Seed production and marketing

Plant Seeds Ltd. is a company specialized in trade including seeds, especially vegetable seeds. In cooperation with the best seed growers and other partners we offer the multiplication of OP and F1 cultivars of many species such as: cucumber, pumpkin, squash, patisson, zucchini, bean, radish, carrot, parsley, red beet, onion, dill, cress, etc.

All the time we are looking for the best quality, so we located our production in the most adapted areas for seed quality production: Western Europe (France and Italy), East-Central Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Balkan area) and Asia (China and India).

In cooperation with the plant breeders we offer also selected vegetable cultivars for professional market. For amateur market and garden hobby we offer the vegetables, flowers and herbs seeds in on-line shop.

We supply the seeds for customers in many countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The high level of seed quality is guaranteed by the big experience of our growers, partners and workers responsible for strict field inspection and certification. For seed processing we use the modern and functional equipment and specialized personnel. Before being packaged and put on sale, our seeds are control in laboratory tests to check purity and germination based on International Seeds Testing Association rules.

Seed treatment service

In the collaboration with our partner we offer also a seed treatment service for agricultural and horticultural species. We offer the seed coating, pelleting and belting (taping) in water soluble foil (PVA - polyvinyl alcohol). We supply also the sowing machines using the seed belts (tapes).

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